About Jane

My Story So Far....

I’ve always been interested in keeping healthy as naturally as possible, my grandad hated going to the doctors and loved researching herbs and plants that he could use to keep him healthy. My Nan taught me how to make home cooked seasonal food and how to use good food to make us feel better. I am very grateful to both of them for everything they taught me.

My interest increased in keeping healthy naturally as I got older, especially when I had my daughters, hardly ever going to the doctors, instead using homoeopathy and a good diet to maintain health. We walked a lot and when I had spare time I did yoga.

As I got older I found Pilates which I found suited me better and I combined it with working out with weights at the gym, then when I reached my late forties I began to eat a low-carb way (Keto) which I found to have huge health benefits, for example coming off of blood pressure medications.

I also decided to qualify as a personal trainer and I continued to practice Pilates for my own enjoyment and health. Personally benefitting so much it seemed obvious that I should be offering this to my clients; so I then got qualified as a Pilates instructor and started including this for my clients. It was not long after this that I left the day job and pursued the personal training and Pilates teaching as a full-time business along side my wonderful supportive husband.

Now at age 52 I am continuing to learn and add to my own practice, I include a regular monthly massage, daily affirmations and gratitude as well as intention setting every day.

In my fifth decade fully realising how important it is that I look after my mental, as well as my physical health. As a result I’m fitter, more flexible and healthier both physically and mentally than at any other time in my life. This phase of my life means negotiating the menopause, which has had its challenges but has also been a huge learning process. I am enjoying using what I have learned to help others on their journey to fitness and health. Using a whole body/ lifestyle approach and encouraging clients to listen to their bodies so that they learn what works for them and their life.

As part of my ongoing development training to become a life coach and studying NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming ) seemed to be a good choice.