Helping people

I have a passion for helping individuals with mobility issues, whether it's from an accident or a gradual loss over time. I understand the importance of regaining and maintaining mobility for overall well-being and independence.

When working together, my approach is to first understand what is most important to the client. This could be anything from getting from room to room, to walking upstairs, to standing up straight. We then work on achieving that specific goal.

I customize and personalize exercises to suit the client's abilities and preferences, making sure they can be performed seated in a chair or using a frame. I also try to make the exercises fun, so the client can look forward to them. The client will also receive a personal plan of exercises, which they can practice in between visits to build strength. Each plan is updated during each visit.

I work with my clients to set small, achievable targets, so they can see progress and feel a sense of satisfaction. I am honest and realistic with what we can achieve, and if a goal is not possible, I suggest a more realistic target to work towards.

I love hearing from clients about how they can now do things they couldn't do a few weeks ago. Helping people regain their mobility and independence is truly rewarding for me.

I offer one-to-one sessions specifically tailored to your individual needs. 

: Improving balance 

: Fall prevention

: Rehabilitation after an accident or operation

: Strength building

: Regaining mobility

Sessions are run in your own home at a mutually agreed time. 


Initial consultation 1 hour - £50

A block of five 30 minute sessions -  £150  to £180


Analysis and correction advice

Struggling at your desk at home?

Spending too long in the wrong position?

Personalised advice and tips

Small adjustments make a HUGE difference

Find out what you can do.

Make working from home, work for you!

Just one side view picture needed. 

It's that simple.

Standing Posture

Are you experiencing occasional aches and pains, and can't workout what you have done?

It might be your posture.

Having a posture screen allows you to see where your body is out of alignment. This then enables you to correct this either with stretches and exercises or by visiting a professional.

Squat Alignment

We can also assess how you squat to improve your workouts.


Each screening costs £9.99 or £25 for all 3