Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training with me offers a personalized and convenient approach to achieving your fitness goals. As your online coach, I understand that everyone has unique needs and lifestyles, so I tailor each workout plan to fit your specific goals and abilities.

With my online training, you'll receive workouts that are easy to follow and can be done from the comfort of your own home. I provide a variety of exercises and full workout plans, including exercises for a specific muscle group like push-ups, with the option to access them directly on your device with no sign-ups or contact information required.

My approach is friendly and inclusive, catering to individuals of all abilities. Whether you're a beginner just starting out on your fitness journey or an experienced exerciser looking to take your training to the next level, I am here to help you reach your goals.

Don't let distance or lack of time hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Sign up for Online Personal Training with me today and start seeing results!

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Example workouts

Beginners Push 


If the first exercise is too easy, skip to the next. If the next is too easy move again until you find your level. Click the link and enjoy!

Beginners press up workouts 

Intermediate push up

Moving straight into more difficult push ups, skip to the next. If the next is too easy move again until you find your level. Click the link and enjoy!

Intermediate push up workouts 


(for fun)

This final set of push ups are to change up your routine and really get your imagination AND your muscles working!

Advanced push workouts 

We can arrange sessions face to face or over zoom, or you can just purchase an online programme, we personalise it and you run it yourself. 

Just click the link to buy, appointments by mutual agreement.

£20 per month for the online program.  

(Coach just sets up program)

£30 half hour one-to-one  zoom session. 

(working with a personal trainer)

Initial Meeting


45 minutes face-to-face session.  

(working with a personal trainer)

Follow-up session.


half hour face-to-face 

(working with a personal trainer)

Discounts available for block bookings of 10 or more sessions.

If you are buying this as a gift, click and pay using the above links. I will contact you and send you a gift voucher.

More info or to book or 07986 106046